Whether it’s for gaming, trading or hobby, this section is filled with reviews and how tos on turning quality parts into high performance machines.

Top 10 Motherboards in 2020

Table of Contents When you are going to build your PC, the first step is to give attention to the backbone of your PC that is your motherboard. Other parts the CPU, GPU, Monitor are also the essential parts for building your dream PC, but the one thing that keeps everything connected is your motherboard …

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The Best Graphics Cards

Table of Contents If you are planning to upgrade your computer, it is essential to choose the right graphics card. The GPU decides the gaming and rendering performance of your PC. Therefore, you should be well informed before making the decision. You will find many different graphics cards being sold online. From $100 to $2000, …

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5 Gaming PC Builds

Table of Contents Have you been wanting to build your own gaming computer for some time now, but you are too confused about what parts to use? Well, we are here to help.  In this article we take you through our suggestions for the parts required to build 5 different level gaming PC towers. Keeping …

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radiator fan

The Best Computer Radiator Fans

Table of Contents When getting ready to build your own computer – especially a gaming machine – there’s one aspect of a computer that’s criminally overlooked: the fan. If your radiator is doing too much work, your computer can slow down or even crash. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing all of your saved data …

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