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The Professional Car Society's annual International Meet was in the Garden State for 2008.  Offering unique tours, such as the PL Custom Ambulance plant and nearby Philadelphia and New York City, the Meet was perfectly placed in Mt. Laurel.  Chapter officers Tony Karsnia & Jon Wurm represented the Chapter at the meetings and enjoyed the professional car fellowship.  These photos are from Tony's camera.


One of the tours in the Garden State was to the PL Custom Ambulance plant.  This greeted us.
A 1972 M-M Cadillac Volunteer, flanked by 2 early Ford modular ambulances are on permanent display in front of the plant.  Interestingly, the Ford modulars were vehicles number 1 and 2 produced by PL.
Dan Brintlinger's "Golden Rule" 1970 M-M Cadillac Volunteer ambulance shows off its new color scheme outside the PL plant.
Paul Cichon's 1969 M-M Cadillac 3-way hearse extends its table in welcome.
The exterior of the Cichon's 1969 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic Limousine 3-way hearse.
PCS members Dr. Dave & Sharon Petke brought this 1988 Eureka Cadillac 6-door limousine with its unusual gray and black paint scheme from Kingsport, Tennessee, where the 2007 International Meet was held.
The show field was crowded with professional cars of all kinds, professional car people of all kinds, and many local people who came out to see the show.
CBS's local affiliate, channel 3, was on-site for a report too.
PCS publicity chairman Gregg Merksamer is a regular attendee at shows in his silver Lincoln Town Car, seen in the forefront of the picture with the PCS  door medalions.
TWO Studebaker Ambuletes on display at Saturday's Concours d'Elegance show.
This 1957 S&S Cadillac hightop ambulance is being preserved by Cranbury, NJ First Aid Squad.
The "Liberty Corners" blue and white 1972 Superior Cadillac 54" Rescuer ambulance poses for photographs.
Willingboro, NJ's 1964 S&S Cadillac ambulance.  Notice the stainless fairings along the roof sides and the three tunnel lights flared into the front roof.
Jeff Beyer in period uniform, poses with his 1955 Studebaker Ambulet, a regular attendee at the PCS shows.
A beautiful example of ambulance craftsmanship is this 1973 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Volunteer ambulance from Sayreville, New Jersey.
Steve Lichtman and Jeff Beyer display their Studebaker Ambulets at the annual PCS meet.
Making its debut at the 2008 International Meet is Steve Lichtman's newly restored 1954 Studebaker Commander Ambulet.
A 1974 S&S Professional hightop ambulance with a unique blue and white color scheme is owned by Jamie Boles, Southern Pines, NC.
Ed Renstrom drove this BEST OF SHOW winning 1986 S&S Cadillac 6-door limousine from Hot Springs, South Dakota.
A very rare 1966 Cotner/Bevington Oldsmobile limousine with an equally rare color scheme.
The Reverend Dan Herrick's 1978 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic Limousine Duplex, in ambulance attire.
Another of Rev. Herrick's collection is this 1970 Superior Cadillac hightop ambulance with the suicide door option.
A 1991 Eureka Cadillac Concours d'Elegance hearse.
1973 S&S Cadillac Victoria hearses carried on the understated elegance of the S&S line.  This example is owned by Mike Barruzza of Bristol, PA.
A 1963 S&S Cadillac combination also owned by Mike Barruzza.
S&S's most unique and rare offering of the 1980s was their Barone style hearse based on the front wheel drive Cadillac chassis.  Bringing back an old tradition in automotive interiors, S&S outfitted the casket compartment with flower vases.
The exterior of the S&S Barone, sans landau bows.  This car was outfitted with draperies however S&S literature showed and offered blinds on the window to continue the updated look.
Horse-drawn hearse owned by Wayne Schoenecker.  Fortunately, the horse cooperated during this photo shoot and stood perfectly still.
Brian & Cathey Vaughan's 1996 S&S Cadillac Masterpiece limousine's flags catch a New Jersey breeze.
The full view of the Vaughan's limousine, a Senior Class winner in judging at this year's meet.
This is the rear loading light on Rick Duffy's 1973 Superior Cadillac 54" Rescuer ambulance. Superior ambulances typically came equipped with an "external" type chrome load light, but Rick's car is equipped with a high-intensity rear "scene" light that is molded right into the fiberglass roof.
Ambulances were in abundance in Mt. Laurel as the PCS Meet had as many ambulances, if not more, than ever.
From the southland came this 1994 S&S Cadillac Victoria limousine with owner Lee Ann Boston and Jeremy Ledford aboard.
Dan Skivolocke's 1959 Superior Cadillac Royale ambulance struts its stuff for the photographers.
Bill Macy's 1967 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic 48" ambulance.
Dawson Blackmore's 1957 Memphian Desoto Ambulance was in attendance from West Haven, Connecticut.
The newer -- and last -- generation of Cadillac ambulances was represented by this 1977 Superior Cadillac.
Cadillac's previous body style is evident in Joe Torregrossa's 1975 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Lifeliner ambulance.
The elegant lines of Cadillac's Fleetwood Seventy-Five limousines are evident on the 1962 Cadillac owned by Dave Sabonjan.
Many police departments had a station wagon in their fleet for emergency use.  This 1964 Ford station wagon proudly announces on the door graphics that it is a "radio patrol" car.
Eureka landau hearses had a presence all their own.  This is Nicos Elias' 1963 Eureka Cadillac hearse.
1953 Henney Packard Junior, owned by Bill Wright of Daytona Beach, FL.
Pick a Pair of Packards.  Here we have Mahlon Thompson's 1953 with Bill Wright's 1953.
Mahlon Thompson's 1953 Henney Packard Junior.
Proficient in Packards, George Hamlin displays his 1954 Derham Packard formal limousine.
The FIRST 1977 Superior Cadillac ambulance is owned by Mike Barruzza.
Matthew Taylor drove his 1966 Superior Cadillac combination from Steadman, Missouri to New Jersey for the event.  Matt and Carol had an unplanned stay-over in Indianapolis when their water pump needed some attention.
Phil Rishel's always beautiful 1969 Superior Cadillac Crown Royale hearse.
1964 Superior Pontiac ambulance owned by Steve & Gene LIchtman of Mt. Airy, Maryland.
Rich Litton displayed his 1965 Superior Pontiac ambulance.
Alert 2, A 1966 M-M Cadillac Classic 48 ambulance is well lit with four Ful-Vue lights and an aurora borealis on the roof. 
Alert 1, A 1968 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic 48 Ambulance.  Notice the lower-line Calais hood emblem instead of the wreath-and-crest Cadillac emblem.
Another view of the 1968 M-M showing the unique roof design which accommodates the rear tunnel lights.
Bearing the Waitt Funeral Home nameplates, this is a rare 1957 Comet Chevrolet.


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