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The Professional Car Society's annual International Meet for 2002 was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After the heat of Lebanon, Missouri last year, we expected cooler temperatures.  Cooler is a relative term but, for the second year in a row, the Concours d'Elegance show on Saturday was mostly inside, and certainly welcome!  


Shinning in the sun is this beautiful white 1948 Henney Packard ambulance brought to Grand Rapids by Mark Wilson, Ray Township, MI.
Another view of Mark's Henney Packard.
Larri Dirks at the wheel of his 1976 Miller-Meteor Classic Duplex.  Notice, specifically, the 4 beacon ray lights atop the car, all perfectly aligned and level.
Missourians Matt Taylor & Dennis Goethe discuss the awarding of the Missouri Route 66 Chapter's Charter during the meet.
Lined up outside the Engine House No. 5 Fire Museum in Allendale, Michigan is Larry Allen's 1964 M-M Cadillac Paramount combination.
Engine House No. 5 in Allendale, MI, welcomes the professional cars and their owners.
Darrel Hawksley's beautiful 1940 Henney Packard flower car, with a working "silent siren" on the front bumper.
Lyle Steadman brought his 1959 Superior Cadillac Sovereign Royale Laudaulet 3-way hearse from Brigden, Ontario for the International Meet.
Some of the sirens and warning lights on display at the Engine House No. 5 museum.
Professional cars lined up at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.
Dennis Goethe and Jon Wurm know a good Hudson when they see one.  And they see one!
Dennis & Peggy Goethe at the Gilmore Museum.  Dennis & Peggy intended to bring their 1969 M-M Classic Limousine duplex, however before they even got out of St. Louis they suffered brake failure.  Fortunately, Matt Taylor was behind them and continued on to the meet.  The Goethe's arrived a day later than planned in a normal car.
Dave Sabonjian's 1963 Superior Cadillac high-top ambulance posed outside a Shell Station at Gilmore Car Museum.
Jeff Beyer's 1955 Studebaker Ambulete.
1984 Superior Sovereign 3-way hearse on the field of Gilmore, owned by Ernie Morgan of Niagara Falls, NY.
Another view of Ernie Morgan's Superior hearse at Gilmore.
Recreated 1940s Shell Station at the Gilmore Car Museum complex.
a 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-five 9 passenger sedan displayed at the Gilmore.
The wide-open fields at the Gilmore Museum gave photographers an excellent -- and rare -- opportunity to photograph the cars with absolutely no background clutter.  This is Larri Dirks' 1976 M-M duplex.
Matt Taylor's 1966 Superior Cadillac Limousine combination.
Larry Allen's 1964 M-M Cadillac Paramount combination.
Steve & Gene Lichtman and their faithful travel dog, Chance, brought this 1964 Superior Pontiac high-top ambulance from Mt. Airy, Maryland.
Phil Rishel proudly displays his 1969 Superior Cadillac Crown Royale funeral coach with formal swag drapes.
Brian Cordray's 1964 S&S Cadillac Park Row.
Paul Saether regularly travels in his 1969 Superior Cadillac Sovereign limousine combination from Blanchardville, WI.
1976 M-M Cadillac Lifeliner came from Kalamazoo, Michigan with Pat Lapenna.
Lapenna's 1976 MM Lifeliner and Larri Dirks' 1976 M-M Cadillac Classic Duplex.
This  1960 Chevrolet service car came from New Oxford, Pennsylvania with Fred & Dorothy Feiser on board.
How Rare?  Pretty Rare!  Dan Brintlinger of Decatur, IL brought this 1988 Eureka Cadillac Town Car hearse.  The top, over the driver's cab, is removable, giving this hearse true town car styling. 
Bob & Jackie Collier brought their 1963 Siebert Ford ambulance from Fremont, Ohio.
One of President Truman's 1950 Henney Lincoln limousines was brought to the show by Ken Howe and Bobby Suchman.
1963 Eureka Cadillac limousine style hearse came from its home territory, Sterling IL, by way of Virgle Onnen.
Dave Bennett and his traveling companions (the dogs) brought this from Woodland Park, Colorado.
1971 Superior Cadillac Regency combination posed on the Grand Inn's parking lot by Bill Beetschen of Beach Park, IL.
Larry Dunn's 1938 S&S LaSalle Damascus carved side hearse.
The S&S chrome date marks gleem in the mid-day sun on the grill of Larry Dunn's LaSalle.
Jerry Jacobson's 1974 M-M Cadillac Traditional Landau combination in dark blue, with a black crinkle top and dual Grimes lights.
Bruce Biancalana of McHenry, IL drove this beast to the International Meet.  The beast is a 1976 Superior Cadillac 54XL ambulance.
Here's a 1969 Miller Meteor Cadillac 3-way hearse all the way from Grand Rapids!  Larry Allen is the proud owner of this.
1968 Superior Cadillac landau 3-way hearse owned by Len Langlois.
On show day, Virgle Onnen's 1961 Eureka combination greeted visitors inside the air-conditioned convention hall.
The color of Virgle's Eureka really stood out under the hall's bright lights.
This 1957 M-M Cadillac Futura came from VanderLaan Funeral Home in Hudsonville, MI.
Home-town boy Rance Bennett brought this BSN (Brand Spanking New) Eagle Cadillac Elite to the show to give us an idea of how far Professional Car design has come.  Or not.
Joe (Joe E.) Pray, a funeral director from Charlotte, Michigan, shows his newly restored 1930 Meteor ambulance.  Joe was also the first to purchase a Bennett State Funeral Coach, custom made by Rance Bennett.
This 1980 Superior Custom Crown hearse was on the parking lot at the Convention Center.  Owners Clark and Nancy Allen of Sodus, MI were no doubt inside perusing the other professional cars.
Another shot of the Convention Center's parking lot with the Steadman's 1959 Superior Cadillac in the forefront.
The inside of the convention hall made for some dramatic photography.
Not all professional cars are black!  We also see grey, blue, silver, brown, red and white in this photograph.
Sara Snook's newly restored 1966 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic Limousine Duplex in green looked fantastic for its premier show.
Several hundred people attended the show from the Grand Rapids area.
A photographer captures the magic under the hood of a 1959 Superior Cadillac Crown Royale.
The menacing front end of Dan Skivolocke's 1959 Superior Cadillac ambulance.
Phil Rishels' 1969 Superior Cadillac Crown Royale gleamed under the lights.
J. Paul Florin's 1941 Henney Packard limousine style hearse in dark blue shines under the bright lights.
The Florin's Packard's home is usually in Stevensville, Michigan. 
Chuck Kramer's 1979 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau combination, displaying its fresh new paint and vinyl roof, looked perfect!
Ted Collins's prize winning 1966  Superior Coupe d'Fleur Flower Car was displayed at the Professional Car Society show and, the following week, at the Cadillac-LaSalle International Meet too.
The Hawksley Packard flower car.
Another view of the towering (and lethal) fins of  Dan Skivolocke's 1959 Superior Cadillac ambulance.
Rick Duffy piloted his 1964 M-M Cadillac classic Ambulance from Pittsburg.
The highlight of the International Meet is always the Concours d'Elegance show day, Saturday.  The cars are looking their best for the judging.
The view of the convention center from high atop the bleachers. 
When you come to a meet, you never know what you'll see!  Here's a 1927 Henney combination next to a 1955 Broadmoor surrounded by Cadillacs and a Packard, too!


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