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Our webmaster, Jeff Stanton, attended the 2001 Tri-Chapter Meet in St. Paul, Minnesota, and shared these photographs and descriptions.


tri2001_01.jpg (37904 bytes) Friday morning started off with George Quast unloading his 1915 Northwestern Studebaker Hearse.  One the way to the meet George had TWO flat tires on this rented trailer!.
tri2001_02.jpg (38358 bytes) This is the engine of George's Studebaker.
tri2001_03.jpg (19348 bytes) Our motorcade parked at Como Zoo.
tri2001_04.jpg (37493 bytes) When we arrived at Northwest Casket Company we were treated to a tour of the company.  Here in the showroom, They had tons of literature laid out including the catalog of Horse drawn hearses that you can see in the foreground.  In this photo we also see Bob Berny and George Quast talking pro-cars.
tri2001_05.jpg (37848 bytes) This was a special day for George and his car.  The 1915 Studebaker was actually a Northwestern Casket company conversion.  Everyone was excited to see the car return for a visit.
tri2001_06.jpg (41213 bytes) If two flat tires on the trailer that morning was not enough, George had to change a tire on the Studebaker as well!  
tri2001_07.jpg (33073 bytes) The flat tire occurred in this quiet St. Paul neighborhood.  The locals came out to take a few photos and marvel at the cars.
tri2001_08.jpg (22956 bytes) After Dinner at we caravanned over to United Coach & Limousine Sales of Minneapolis.  Here we were treated to desert and walked the lot checking out all the pro-cars.
tri2001_09.jpg (20575 bytes) A few very nice white hearses.
tri2001_10.jpg (39527 bytes) Inside the garage at  United Coach & Limousine Sales.  We saw a lot of newer rigs in here.
Lineup of cars at the Road Rescue ambulance plant in St. Paul.  (This is the photo with the '58 Superior Pontiac combination in the foreground.)
tri2001_11.jpg (32465 bytes) The next day we headed to Road Rescue Inc's Open house where we showed our cars as part of the festivities.  Here we see Lee Andersen's 1960 Flxible Buick Premier ambulance which always is a real treat to see.
tri2001_12.jpg (35974 bytes) The beacons and siren on the Anderson's car are polished to a mirror finish.
tri2001_13.jpg (50461 bytes) Talk about restoration!  This is the cleanest, most detailed engine compartment I have ever seen on an older professional vehicle.
tri2001_14.jpg (33413 bytes) Jeff Damm's 1966 Superior Cadillac 51" Rescuer ambulance.
tri2001_15.jpg (38619 bytes) These suicide doors are neat to see on an ambulance.  Jeff had the inside decked out with rescue gear.
tri2001_16.jpg (39178 bytes) Joe & Trudy Klein's 1969 Miller-Meteor Cadillac 48" ambulance.
tri2001_17.jpg (23326 bytes) Craig & Kathy Schuster's 1969 Superior Cadillac 51" Rescuer ambulance.
tri2001_18.jpg (20247 bytes) This new Road Rescue ambulance was giving people rides at the open house.
tri2001_19.jpg (31675 bytes) Chris McPadden's 1968 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Citation landau hearse.
tri2001_20.jpg (29200 bytes) Craig & Kathy Schuster's 1968 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau Traditional hearse.
tri2001_21.jpg (26005 bytes) Jeff Stanton's 1974 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Criterion.  Also in the background you can see Paul Saether's 1969 Superior Cadillac Sovereign limousine combination.
tri2001_22.jpg (40080 bytes) This new Ambulance was a neat concept.  All of the ambulance, inside and out, is painted in bright colors to make it less scary for kids to ride in.
tri2001_23.jpg (21217 bytes) Jon Wurm's 1972 Cotner-Bevington Oldsmobile 54" ambulance and Tony Karsnia's 1978 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic combination were parked inside Road Rescue Inc. along side this new rig to enable people to see the differences in patient transportation over the years.
tri2001_24.jpg (36509 bytes) This is also where the our group set up shop with it's membership information.  Tony gave an informational speech here as well to educated the visitors about the car club.
Tony Karsnia's 1978 Miller-Meteor Cadillac combination and Jon Wurm's 1972 C/B Oldsmobile ambulance displayed inside the Road Rescue plant.
tri2001_25.jpg (37174 bytes) Here we see Sarah Saether with her 1990 Clover Flower Car.  It's great to see younger members bringing their cars to meets.
tri2001_26.jpg (17614 bytes) The 1990 Clover Flower Car comes complete with its own beacon.
tri2001_27.jpg (43317 bytes) Joe Ingeldinger's 1958 Superior Pontiac limousine combination.
tri2001_28.jpg (33900 bytes) While traveling to meet the group for dinner, my Criterion blew an upper radiator hose.  I had a new one with me, but of course this was the one time I didn't bring any tools.  I phoned Tony and he brought Paul Saether's tools to me and I made the repair. 
tri2001_29.jpg (24048 bytes) Unfortunately the Criterion had lost too much coolant and started overheating before it could make it to the next gas station.  I called Triple-A and they came out to take my criterion home.  I think if my Criterion were any longer it would not have fit on the flat bed!
tri2001_30.jpg (22983 bytes) Once at home it was unloaded off the flat bed.  Only 1 inch ground clearance!
tri2001_31.jpg (42577 bytes) Paul O'Connell - Classic Auto Limousine Service's 1938 Henney Packard 3-way hearse.
tri2001_32.jpg (42947 bytes) The inside of this Henney is spotless.
tri2001_33.jpg (26013 bytes) The last evening of the meet were were treated to a presentation about Professional Cars by Dr. Roger White.


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