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Here is a sampling of photos taken by Northland Chapter President Tony Karsnia at the Professional Car Society International in Lebanon, Missouri August 1-4, 2001.
There was a great assortment of professional cars there, all with their own unique history.


2001National001.jpg (34638 bytes) Horse-drawn hearses displayed at Schrader Funeral Home in Ballwin, MO.
2001National002.jpg (31568 bytes) 2001 S&S Cadillac Masterpiece hearse in service at Holman-Howe Funeral Home, Lebanon, MO.
2001National003.jpg (41722 bytes) Ken Howe's recently purchased S&S horse-drawn hearse is proudly displayed in front of his funeral home in Lebanon.
2001National004.jpg (30017 bytes) Occupying lawn space in front of Holman-Howe Funeral Home is Ken's beautiful Henney Packard.
2001National005.jpg (52663 bytes) Our surprise visitor/guest at the Friday evening barbecue was US President Harry Truman's look-alike!  He arrived in style, complete with escort and "secret service."
2001National006.jpg (29494 bytes) Perhaps every PCS member's dream garage!  This one (including the cars) happens to belong to meet chairman Ken Howe.
2001National007.jpg (20486 bytes) Mike Reifer's rare Chrysler Imperial ambulance...notice the DUAL sirenlights on the roof!
2001National015.jpg (36924 bytes) The interior of Mike's Chrysler, which, by the way, took a first place award in the ambulance class.  Congratulations Mike!
2001National008.jpg (28456 bytes) As if the Chrysler wasn't enough, Mike Reifer is also the proud owner of this Pierce Arrow hearse.
2001National009.jpg (37934 bytes) For the first time ever, the PCS Concours d'Elegance show was held INDOORS at the Lebanon Civic Center.
2001National010.jpg (39140 bytes) The cars all looked simply stunning under the lights.  The air conditioned climate controlled environment was a relief due to 90+ degree heat outside!
2001National011.jpg (18488 bytes) No surprise this 1959 Superior Cadillac 3-way got lots of attention.  Notice the balcony above in the background.  That was where our annual banquet was held.  What a neat view of the cars from up there!
2001National013.jpg (44124 bytes) This factory-like photo is the interior of the 1959 Superior Cadillac.
2001National012.jpg (16649 bytes) The meet concluded with the traditional light and sound show.  To make this year's show extra-special, a MOVING parade of the cars was arranged.  Notice Paul Saether's 1969 Superior Cadillac combination in the foreground.
2001National024.jpg (32196 bytes) I did plenty of drooling over Leo and Victor Brenstetter's 1974 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Criterion ambulance.
2001National014.jpg (38671 bytes) Leo and Victor were first time PCS meet participants.  They brought this well-maintained rig from Denver, Colorado.
2001National016.jpg (37026 bytes) They don't make professional car interiors like this anymore!
2001National017.jpg (37122 bytes) Despite 90 degree heat, Matthew Taylor spent several hours detailing his 1974 Superior Cadillac 3-way hearse for the big show.  His hard work showed...this was a very nice looking car.
2001National019.jpg (21053 bytes) The theme of this photo should be "CHROME & WHITEWALLS!"
2001National018.jpg (39835 bytes) The sparkling interior of Ken Howe's flower car.  (Exterior seen in the above photo.)
2001National020.jpg (29663 bytes) Many PCS members use information boards to enhance the display of their cars.  Here, a gentleman is seen learning a bit about Dennis Goethe's 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine.
2001National021.jpg (28761 bytes) Looking showroom new is this 1968 S&S Cadillac Victoria hearse.
2001National022.jpg (26766 bytes) An interesting 1936 Chevrolet hearse.
2001National023.jpg (41479 bytes) The Cathedral-like interior of Jerry Kaiser's 1939 Cadillac.
2001National025.jpg (31570 bytes) There was a lot of question and speculation as to the coach builder of this '79 Caprice Classic.  Can you guess what it is?
2001National026.jpg (20598 bytes) An interesting pair of Superior combinations: Tim Fantin's '74 Chateau Baronet and Ralph Krause's '70 Sovereign Tiara.  Gotta love that limousine styling!
2001National027.jpg (28808 bytes) Attracting much attention at the meet was Dan Heaman's 1979 AHA Lincoln hearse.  Yes, it IS as LONG as it looks!
2001National028.jpg (25674 bytes) John Rabold and his wife, Betsy, brought their 1970 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic Duplex combination to the meet.
2001National029.jpg (27220 bytes) Not only was Brian Quinn a first time PCS meet attendee, but he also was presented with the 3rd place award in the funeral coach (post 1970) award for his 1978 Superior Cadillac Regal hearse.  Congratulations Brian!
2001National030.jpg (23078 bytes) Last of the BIG ONES!  A 1976 S&S Cadillac Centennial Victoria.


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