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Preserving the World's Professional Car History™ since 1989.


Welcome to the Northland Online Museum!  We've designed this portion of the our web site to be similar to any museum you might visit, with exhibits and galleries of specific interest to professional car enthusiasts.  The exhibits and galleries tell a story or present information with photographs, illustrations, comparison charts, and words. 

How did the Northland website acquire this information?  All the photos you find on this site were either taken by Northland members, or donated to us. We won't include photos from other web sites unless permission is given from the photographer of the photo or the hosting webmaster.  We want the pictures and information you see here to be unique to this website so you don't see the same old pictures on every website you visit.  Please extend us the courtesy of not using the photographs you see here on another website.  For that reason, the photographs are marked with a watermark.  Thank you for your consideration.  Now, come on in to the Professional Car Museum!

Museum Sections:

  • Professional Car Galleries
    The Professional Cars Through the Years Gallery page feature pictures of ambulances, hearses, limousines, flower cars, combinations and other special professional cars, showing the progression of design and samples from several eras.
  • The Criterion Exhibit
    The Criterion Exhibit explores the Miller - Meteor Cadillac Criterion Ambulance.  In this exhibit you will find the most comprehensive information and photographs ever assembled about this unique Cadillac ambulance, which was produced from 1974 to 1976 in Piqua, Ohio.
  • Past Events Exhibit
    Relive the past with several hundred photographs and descriptions from professional car events over the last 20 years.  You'll wish you had been there!
  • Members Exhibit & Roster
    The Members Exhibit highlights the our members and their cars.  For many members, there is contact information as well as a web page specifically for each member who has professional cars.  The variety of professional cars owned by our members is fascinating, from horse-drawn to the most recent offerings from the factories.


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